M&C’s MacLennan tries to end Tindall diversity controversy

M&C Saatchi international boss Moray MacLennan has announced that CCO Justin Tindall (left), who famously announced that he was “bored of diversity” in a Campaign article, won’t be fired. Because he didn’t say he was “bored with diversity.”

Which is a bit angels on a pinhead – but you know what MacLennan means. As, probably, did Tindall.

He also points out, at considerable, length, the role diversity plays at M&C: stemming from its roots (Charles and Maurice Saatchi are Iraqi immigrants) and what the agency intends to do to make sure it remains diverse in the future. Or, maybe, even more diverse if you can be such a thing.

M&C knows all about controversy, having spent much of its time fomenting it for the Tory party and others, but you do feel that, being in a hole, it might stop digging.

MacLennan and his cohorts obviously want to lay this to rest although this latest development hardly adds to Tindall’s authority.

One senior adman referred to Tindall’s (female) critics as ‘tricoteuses” to me the other day. These were the ladies who sat by the guillotine during the French revolution, knitting between the highlights.

One of the troubling aspects of a world defined by social media, most notably Twitter, is that flip remarks or jokes are taken as though they’re deliberate statements of policy. With the odd exception – yes that’s you Donald – they aren’t.

Which means that people will think twice before saying anything if they’re not part of the herd.

As for public executions..

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