Monarchy is worth £67.5bn to UK says Brand Finance

Consultancy Brand Finance has been looking at the “brand value” of the UK monarchy – not their personal finances – and deduced that the capital value of the UK monarchy as a business is a hefty £67.5bn, making an annual contribution to the UK economy of £1.766bn whereas its actual cost per head of population is £4.50p.

The monarchy costs £292m a year – in real money.

The monarchy’s tangible assets are £25.5bn, leaving £42bn unaccounted for. Brand Finance says this reflects the value the monarchy is expected to bring in the future.

You can agree or not with such computations of course. WPP has been running its BrandZ survey for years now – coming up with similar conclusions – although, at the moment anyway, it seems to be finding problems persuading some of its clients to invest in these things.

Brand Finance CEO David Haigh says: “Exactly 25 years ago, the Windsor Castle fire marked the nadir of the Queen’s annus horribilis when scandals drove the Monarchy’s popularity down. Today, its universal appeal translates to the attraction of Brand Monarchy offering considerable commercial benefits to all businesses and institutions associated with it.”

“The Monarchy is Britain’s national treasure, both symbolically and economically. Especially in the age of Brexit, Britain can rely on royal diplomacy to facilitate trade relations with the Commonwealth and the rest of the world.”

Hmm. With the Government facing a Brexit divorce bill that seems to rise by the day maybe we could offer the monarchy in part exchange?

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