Nicolas Lautier of BETC Paris: best ads of 2016

Nicolas Lautier is creative director of BETC Paris. He joined recently from Ogilvy Paris where he spent seven years working on brands including Perrier, Scrabble, Coca-Cola and Ford. Jealousy is a good criteria when it comes to selecting the best ...

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Johnnie Walker backs Clinton in Anomaly’s election ad

It’s the big day tomorrow (Tuesday) in the US and the rest of the world besides. Last week we were a bit sceptical about a JWT report that reckoned younger people (sometimes) got their political messages from brands. Well here’s ...

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People get their politics from brands according to JWT

It’s no doubt lazy to say that social media et al. is making idiots of us all. Trouble is it seems to be true. A new report from J. Walter Thompson’s Innovation Group called The Political Consumer claims that consumers ...

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Snapfax: the nation’s top hates are revealed

Another week done and dusted, another huge sack of shredded paper heading off to the recycling bin, Snapfax fans. Once again, we’ve been satisfying the voracious appetite of our fax machine fed from the internet, which is in turn attached ...

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