Reporters Without Borders highlights loss of freedom at hands of lying leaders

There are something like 80 national elections to be held this year – we’ve already had Russia’s and what a triumph that was for democracy. Which is partly the theme of a 30th anniversary campaign from Reporters Without Borders Germany by Innocean and Stink Films.

“The loss of freedom is never obvious at first” contrasts the fine words used by three leaders who subsequently became tyrants: Russia, obviously, then Turkey and Venezuela.

Head of communications Sylvie Ahrens-Urbanek says: “During a crucial year for democracy, we wanted to pay tribute to it with a strong message that reflects our commitment to point fingers at those who go against independent journalism and human rights.”

This stuff is important although so often the press doesn’t help itself. Look at the amount of dosh Murdoch’s Sun is dishing out to Hugh Grant and others for phone hacking (Grant says he’s giving his to charity) whilst comically denying any wrongdoing.

MAA creative scale: 7 (Turkey and Ertogan could be clearer but he’s a master of brinkmanship and thus harder to pin down.)

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