MAA blast from the past – Orange by Mother

Mobile brand Orange (it still exists in France) is much missed in the UK, absorbed into the great blob of EE. But its 1980s launch was an example of WCRS at its best and later it moved its efforts to ...

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MAA blast from the past: believe it or not, a charity ad

Everybody was swinging in the mini-skirted ’60s it seems, even charity Oxfam. Here’s an ad for Vintage at Oxfam, which seems to have been an early chain of charity shops. A reminder to today’s charity advertisers to think outside the ...

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MAA blast from the past: HSBC – ‘Eels’

Seems odd to pick a bank campaign for one of these but Lowe’s work for HSBC ten years or more ago was outstanding – “the world’s local bank.” Then HSBC (Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation) decided, as bankers do, ...

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