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Google goes All-American for Moto X phone launch

Here’s one of Droga5’s first spots for Motorola’s new Moto X smartphone, and very American it is too. The new phone, the first to be released by Motorola since the company was bought by Google, majors on easy access and, ...

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Israeli paper Haaretz in bonking ad first

Is this the first (simulated no doubt) bonk to figure in a commercial? It’s for Israeli newspaper Haaretz (Israel’s oldest) and extols the virtues of its new website (I think, not speaking Hebrew being a disadvantage). Seems a bit pointless ...

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Touchdown for DirecTV’s rapping quarterbacks

Maybe American sports stars are better at multi-tasking but you can imagine the disaster this brief might have turned out to be in lots of other places. It features the footballing Manning family (two current NFL quarterbacks Eli and Peyton ...

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Orange returns to form with French Louvre ad

Telecoms companies are being forced, kicking and screaming, to cut their iniquitous roaming charges for travellers. But you have to make the best of these things and Orange in France (why isn’t it called Everything Everywhere there as in the ...

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Biborg reveals secrets of latest Sony game launch

French interactive agency Biborg has been working its wonders for Sony PlayStation’s The Last Of Us franchise; a shoot-em-up game with the angle that most of the world’s population has been wiped out by a pandemic. So how come there ...

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