Mother ups its game by turning down the actorish volume for

Thank goodness Mother has finally seen the light (or heard the noise properly) and pensioned off its former provider of voiceovers for

This choice probably seemed a coup at the time as it was Sir Patrick Stewart of Star Wars and Royal Shakespeare Company fame. I always thought it was that other noisy thespian Brian Blessed.

Anyway he had to go and now we can all concentrate on a nice new ad – ‘Running with Wolves’ – directed by Jeff Low for Biscuit Filmworks UK, the UK branch of the all-conquering LA production company.

Now all we need is Comparethemarket to get rid off that bloody Welshman.


  1. How many facts in one shabby piece of journalism can you possibly get wrong, Sir Patrick Stewart to my knowledge has never appeared in Star Wars! Could you of possibly meant Start TREK…BOLDLY GO ETC ETC ..take the hint…

    And finally to finish your own article on a high since when has Compare The Market had a Welshman in its advert…surely you haven’t mistaken any of the Meerkats for a Fat Welsh Opera Singer…Ok maybe you have so just in case I’ll put you out of your misery… could you possibly mean Go Compare!!

  2. I stand corrected…but don’t all these these price comparison websites seem the same?

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