Fold7 enters the brioche wars for St. Pierre

We can expect to see and hear much more from the French and about the French as this summer develops: the Paris Olympics, their football team in the Euros if they can stop playing like England and, more importantly, Macron’s mad election which has just seen Marine Le Pen’s right-wing Rassemblement National win the first round.

On a more modest note Fold7 is making its debut for French bakery brand St. Pierre with ‘Eat avec respect,’ presenting a rather anglicised view of our friends over La Manche, notably their dim view of our way with a brioche.

St. Pierre’s Megan Harrison says: “The St Pierre brand is at a very exciting stage of development, primed to build brand awareness in line with the phenomenal distribution wins we’ve secured in the UK over the past two years. Fold7 captured the personality of our brand and have delivered a creative that perfectly encapsulates the French flair and challenger spirit for which our brand is known. What’s more, it’s a concept we’ve tested in multiple markets so we can be confident that the new creative will work internationally, as our brand grows.”

Quite good fun.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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