AKQA enters the Paris Olympics for Eurosport

The Paris Olympics is almost on us, with a fair few ads, but no-one has knocked it out of the park yet (to borrow from one of the few non-Olympics sports.)

Should be even more interesting as French politics descends into one of its recurring rounds of strife following the recent election. France is, in many ways, the most ordered of countries but when it blows…

AKQA has entered the lists for broadcaster Warner Bros Discovery’s Eurosport (which has all the Games) showing the supposed interaction twixt Parisians and the athletes. They may be too busy rioting of course.

WBD Sports Europe’s David Bernard-Bret says: “Our ambition was to create an exciting, vibrant and joyful film that was bursting with life while encapsulating our mantra of breaking free – achieved during the Olympics through the most immersive and user-friendly viewing experience anywhere with every moment of Paris 20204 available at your fingertips on Max, HBO Max or Discovery+ across Europe.”

So it’s a trailer not just an ad, you suspect it would be better if it was just the latter.

Even so one of the best so far.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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