Wonderhood Studios CCO Aidan McClure : my Top Tips for Cannes

I always feel like bowing down and kissing the feet of those campaigns that entertain on scale. Those seemingly silly ideas that have been properly followed through. Because silly is a tough sell. Harder than emotional and inspirational. Even harder than revolution and anger. Asking serious marketing people, at serious companies, to pump serious time and serious cash into something that’s well..not serious, takes vision and nerve. But get it right, and silly is seriously effective as these three prove.

Top Tips for Cannes

Michael CeraVe – create a conspiracy theory that A-list celebrity Michael Cera is the founder of your serious skincare brand and play this out in the most epic way possible. Wildly silly, unbelievably effective.

Coors Lights Out – turn a very very minor piece of adversity into a commemorative campaign that hits every channel, even your can. A silly bit of opportunism that turns sponsorship marketing on its head.

Lynx Robbery and Funeral – more reminiscent of an offbeat comedy on Channel 4 than a piece of marketing. This is not just ad funny. It’s broadcast funny. They’ve created a world where you want to see the next episode. The freshest piece of silliness of the year so far.

So, I’m backing silly this year. When done properly, it can be ludicrously effective. Just imagine if the whole industry got behind our annoying interruptions being a bit sillier..Planet Earth would instantly become a more entertaining place to live.

Aidan McClure is founder and CCO Wonderhood Studios.

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