Top Tips for Cannes: Toan Nguyen of Jung von Matt NERD

I managed to pick four campaigns that I personally love and think will do well at this year’s Lions, and then realised there’s a definite theme here – games, playing and playfulness – all very on brand for me! This year I am juror in the Entertainment Lions for Gaming category, an experience that I’m really looking forward to.

Orange France ‘Les Bleues Highlights’

One of my favourite campaigns is the Orange France women’s football film “Les Bleues Highlights.” It’s really well crafted and based on a true insight: many people still think women’s football looks less athletic.

Coca-Cola ‘Playable Billboards’

I personally like playful advertising, so I loved this outdoor campaign from Coca-Cola. I’ve wanted to do something similar at least 15 times in my life, so I’m really happy for the agency creatives who got to execute this. It will surely land something at Cannes.

Nike Football ‘Megan Rapinoe: Let it Rip’

I also wholeheartedly LOVE the execution of this Nike film. For me as a nerd, geek and “eternal kidult” this is the best film of the last year in terms of craftsmanship. Every single detail and cultural reference is perfect. It’s modern and nostalgic at the same time – I truly love it. It might only do well in the Craft Lions, and not creativity, but to be honest I’m fed up with all that TikTok stuff, we need more of this!

Movistar MX ‘This Is Not A Game’

This film for Mexican telecoms operator Movistar promotes online safety for gamers, in a way which young gamers will actually engage with. It’s one of my lesser-known favourites, and one of the reasons I love the Lions so much. Without the Lions, I would have never seen it because it’s from a Spanish-speaking country far away from where I live. But I really think every gamer should see it and appreciate its brilliance.

Toan Nguyen is founder & managing director, Jung von Matt NERD.

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