Top Tips for Cannes: Dan Roberts of The Romans

Dan Roberts is creative director at The Romans, part of the Mother family

“And just like that, we’re making our plans and booking our invites for the world to descend on the South of France for another year of celebrating creativity.

But what are the big hitters that will be making headlines? Well, this is probably the first year in a very long time where there isn’t that obvious campaign that will clean up which makes it much more interesting, but there are definitely themes we’ll see from the silverware.

The first will inevitably be the battle of the AI’s. There’s been a few great ones and a lot of rubbish but one that stands out is Orange – WoMen’s Football from Marcel Paris. Why? Because the idea isn’t ‘Artificial Intelligence’. It’s using AI as the tool to land a much bigger idea and for that it has to be applauded.

The next will be community. It’s never been more important for brands to show their commitment to their punters. LePub have done this brilliantly with the Heineken Pub Museums. It may be because it’s an institution so close to my heart or the fact that it takes immersive storytelling and tech to another level. Either way, it’s one to raise a pint to.

I can’t do a Cannes 20024 prediction without talking about humour. FINALLY comedy is being put on the judging criteria and frankly it’s about time! It’s still the most compelling way to connect with audiences and more importantly… sell stuff! Which I think we forget is why this entire industry exists… Enter Michael CeraVe.

Yes it’s a pun. No it’s not gonna save the world, but i defy you not to laugh and most importantly not to remember, share and talk about it with REAL people (industry people don’t count).

And finally, it’s got Robert De Niro, Asa Butterfield and a charmingly sweet but oh-so dry storyline of two unlikely best friends coming together over the fact that they both eat food. From the powerhouse that is Mother, I’m really keen and hopefully this Uber One campaign will do well and give a very British style of comedy the recognition it deserves.”

Dan Roberts is creative director at The Romans, part of the Mother family

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