Elrid Carvalho of UltraSuperNew Singapore: my Top Tips for Cannes

In this beautifully crazy world of advertising that we so gleefully inhabit, 2+2 is rarely 4. If it is, it’s a boring and mundane answer. Creativity demands us to take leaps. And when we mix the familiar with the surprising, we create magic and wonder.

Top Tips for Cannes

Volkswagen / The Greenprint

If anyone ever wondered what would we get if nostalgia and innovation had a love child, we don‘t need to wonder anymore. We’d get the Volkswagen Greenprint. By giving Kombi owners the power to transform their beloved (even if they’re petrol) cars into eco-friendly EVs, this idea gives the flower-power vehicle the power to not only reduce carbon emissions but also preserve the memories and cultural significance these iconic vans hold.

Coke Studios / Video Vinyl

Since we’re on the subject of offsprings, here’s our next mixed up baby, Coke Studio’s Vinyl Videos. The rich, earthy sounds of a vinyl record we all love, paired up with the oldest style of animation – the Zoetrope technique. The beautifully designed animation sequence takes the act of simply listening to a vinyl and makes it a multi-sensorial, hypnotic vinyl to watch as well.

Pedigree / Tail Orchestra

Before we jump into the next one, a confession of a bias – I’m a dog person. And knowing that a dog’s wagging tail is one of the purest expressions of joy, this next pick made those puppy eyes and a downward dog slide into the lineup. Giving pups centre-stage and turning their wagging tails into conductors of the most unpredictable symphonies, this experiment, now a 10-track album on Spotify, is a match made in heaven for every pet parent out there.

Who knows what other mixed-up babies we’ll see on stage taking home some Lions. The possibilities are only as limited as our imagination. Until then and beyond, let’s stay weird and conjure up wonders.

Elrid Carvalho is Creative Director, UltraSuperNew Singapore.

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