PG Tips to the rescue as Calling debuts for new tea giant

“It’s not just tea it’s progress” is a pretty bold claim but that’s what we get in the first big campaign from Liptons Tea and Infusions, the CVC-backed entity that bought Unilever’s tea brands.

Agency Calling, formed by Josh Tenser from Uncommon and Rani Patel from Livity last year, has signed a couple of heavyweights actor and rapper Ashley Walters and director Steve McQueen to spearhead a £12m campaign.

Following in some pretty famous footsteps – the legendary chimps from Davidson Pearce with ‘Tea you can really taste’ and Johnny Vegas and his stuffed monkey from Mother. No such frivolity here though.

Calling’s Tenser says: “PG Tips is a legend that’s lost relevance in recent times. Bringing it back with the scale it deserves has been a privilege and the best possible challenge.

“The promise of the brand is a moment of fresh perspective inside the noise of life. Our progress begins with these humble moments of recovery and reflection. We’re more resilient than we think. It’s a message we need – and deserve – more than ever.”

Perhaps Rishi Sunak will pour himself one as he contemplates pretty disastrous local elections – a contemporary version of ‘Keep calm and carry on.’

A pretty good calling card from from Calling and well executed by McQueen (as you’d expect.)

MAA creative scale: 7.

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