Evian leaves the babies behind to climb the ‘mountain of youth’

The famous babies are gone but Evian has held onto the “live young” theme in this new “Mountain of youth” campaign from BETC Paris.

It’s one of those fantasy sequences that the French do so well – visually stunning and pretty non-sensical – but there’s still a strategy in there to underscore the style with some substance. An explorer in search of the “Mountain of Youth” is taunted by a group of alpine dwellers, the “Evianers” who guard the source of the precious water.


Print and OOH work (below) is shot by fashion photographer Dario Catellani, and Evian’s sponsorship of Wimbledon has even been transported to the alps, with shots of Emma Raducanu looking delighted to be playing in such strange conditions.

Director Henry Scholfied said: “I loved how this concept is actually an excellent life philosophy, Live Young, cleverly disguised as a brand campaign. I wanted this irreverence and joie de vivre to come to life in each of our depictions of their world, from what they do to what they wear, whilst capturing the spirit of the Mountain of Youth, and its inhabitants who are a lotta bit mischievous and a little bit wild.”

Dawid Borowiec, global director of Evian, said: “Evian has a strong heritage in iconic advertising. Our new campaign, the Mountain of Youth, continues that tradition with fabulous images and stories full of French chic and unconventional flair that are so typical of Evian. We hope The Mountain of Youth will help Evian achieve its purpose of inspiring people to live young – embracing a rejuvenating, youthful lifestyle, no matter your age.”

It makes sense to give the brand a refresh, and there’s still a cute baby shot in there to make the connection to the previous campaigns.

MAA creative scale: 7

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