BETC points Norauto garage business in a new direction

Trying to do your bit to save the planet and drive a car ain’t getting any easier as municipalities try to obstruct them and car makers try to foist EVs on us that cost the earth and can only be charged at great length and, increasingly, expense. Drivers, once again, feel they’re being taken for a ride.

Norauto car maintenance centres is trying to position itself on the side of the angels, motorists anyway, with a new campaign from BETC Paris – ‘Paving the way for tomorrow’s drivers.’ Garages aren’t most thrilling environment so, as ever, BETC produces a spin – it’s a world populated by children.

CMO Jerome Dumont says: “Even though they start to turn to other mobility alternatives, French people remain close to their vehicles. But today, they are facing a lot of contradictions as they wish to reduce their environmental impact through their travels but need their car in their everyday trips. That’s where Norauto automobile repair shops come in to help them with their automobile transition through a mobility that is affordable, conscious and responsible.

“With this new ad campaign, Norauto re-expresses its commitment to further its actions towards sustainability for and with drivers. The teams at BETC Paris and BETC FULLSIX have, once again, perfectly understood our strategic challenges following our first disruptive work launched three years ago. We are extremely proud of this collaborative effort.”

MAA creative scale: 7.

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