Aussie Cancer Chicks say good riddance to cancer (sort of)

Charities can get a bit desperate in the battle for attention; what used to be regarded as unmentionable often figures on their calling card.

Aussie charity Cancer Chicks (great name) is trying to win even more attention with new campaign FUCC It. FUCC It is aimed to get Australians en masse talking about and supporting young women living with cancer. Campaign by Initiative Impact and MBCS.

Rikki Stern, co-founder of Cancer Chicks and a survivor of Hodgkins Lymphoma, says: “There is no better brand positioning for Cancer Chicks. Every woman I know who has been diagnosed with cancer has had their “FUCC It” moment that has inspired them to move beyond being a “woman with cancer”, to a woman who is proud to be who they are, cancer or not.”

Fair enough. The ads are actually quite restrained.

With a bit of luck some public body will still ban a poster or three for more publicity.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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