Kahlúa ventures onto Guinness home turf

St Patrick’s Day can be fun, if you keep the Oirishness in check, and Wieden+Kennedy London is joining in with spirit in a new spot for liqueur brand Kahlúa, pushing espresso martinis as an alternative to the usual black stuff.

Somehow or other the errant drinker survives a pub full of Guinness-swigging traditionalists.

Craig van Niekerk, global vice-presidenr of marketing for Kahlúa, says: “The people have spoken and we’ve listened. It’s time to stir up St Patrick’s Day and have everyone enjoy their drinks – and what better way than with a Kahlúa espresso martini? Kahlúa makes moments less mundane by adding a boost of playfulness, bringing something extra to the everyday.

“Ultimately, we want everyone to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in their own way with whatever drink they desire. We say salud and sláinte to everyone, no matter what drink you fancy.”

Good to see W+K back on form.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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