Formula 1 driver Perez is drinking on the job in new Heineken ad

Le Pub Mexico has put Formula 1 driver Checo Perez behind the wheel of a cab in a new campaign for Heineken 0.0 beer.

A hidden camera shows the reactions of passengers when they see that their cabbie is a famous Mexican racing driver, and then that he is drinking beer – until he turns round to show them that it’s 0.0% alcohol and they realise what’s been going on.


Marta Garcia, Heineken’s VP of marketing Mexico, said: “At Heineken 0.0, beyond capturing the funny reactions of Mexicans when meeting Checo, the main objective is to convey an essential message about responsible consumption. With this collaboration, we demonstrate that having fun and being responsible can go hand in hand. We wanted to have the best driver in Mexico, demonstrating that the best driver is the one who doesn’t drink and drive”.

Eoin Sherry, global ECD of LePub, said: “It’s a beautiful campaign for a client who understands the role they play in the culture and sees the value of these kinds of ideas in a specific context. Checo Perez is loved by Mexicans for what he represents, an idol in this market, so it was immensely fortunate to be able to have him deliver such an important message.”

Heineken’s study shows that 40% of designated drivers consume alcohol before they get behind the wheel, and 42% of people have agreed to ride in a car with someone who has previously consumed alcohol.

Not sure this would work everywhere, but as so many Mexicans clearly don’t take alcohol bans too seriously, they might also see the funny side of this campaign.

MAA creative scale: 6

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