Uncommon stages dirty protest in bid to clean up the oceans

“Take action, sign your name with shit” is the message from Uncommon’s new campaign against the raw sewage being pumped into the world’s oceans.

The Dirty Protest is an online petition that uses specially-designed ink made from real sewage. When the petitions reach a critical number in each country, they will be printed in this ink and delivered to relevant politicians, locally and globally.

Pernille Weiss, Member of the European Parliament and Chairwoman of the Water Group is the first person to sign the petition. She said: “I signed my name in shit to stop untreated sewage from being pumped into our ocean and I need all of you to sign, so we can show every politician that this problem is too big and too important to be ignored.”

Uncommon Creative Studio has teamed up with Clean Ocean, Ocean Sewage Alliance and Renasys for the campaign.

The agency is back to its provocative ways after stepping into the mainstream with its tear-jerker global campaign for Quaker Oats.

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