AdvertisersAgenciesCreativeFinanceMediaNews goes for multiple Tina Feys in Super Bowl ad

Tina Fey manages to sprinkle her magic on most things (she’s ditzy and intelligent all at the same time) and she’s doing her celeb bit for in the forthcoming Super Bowl.

With body doubles all over the place as agency Zulu Alpha Kilo has to squeeze a lot into 30 seconds (at $7m a throw seems fair enough.) Glenn Close gets a name check though – well she’s even more A-list than Tina. No part for the UK’s booker-in-chief Idris Elba as far as we can see.

Will probably score high among the Super bowl celeb pack.

About time they came up with a better line than ‘Booking.yeah’ though. Even Fey looks embarrassed at that.

MAA creative scale: 5.

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