Accenture Song’s The Monkeys seals generation gap for Australian lamb

The annual Meat & Livestock Australia ad is rather like the down under version of the UK’s John Lewis and agency The Monkeys (isn’t it supposed to be called just Accenture Song these days – Dave will be having a word) has gone to town, featuring an actual “generation gap” of earthquake proportions.

Something is needed to bring baby boomers, Gen X, millennials and Gen Z together so in steps Aussie Lamb on the barbie. timed, as ever, for Australia Day on January 26.

Monkeys creative director Scott Dettrick says: “The various frustrations this year have each generation throwing tropes around, looking for someone to blame. When you scratch the surface though, it’s attitudes, not age, that divide us.

“Maybe if we just got around a lamb barbecue and had a chat, we might find out that grandad is actually pretty cool, or all that stuff millennials know can be really useful. Our entire creative process this year was a fun generational debate.”

Now if only Gen Z could eat it on their phones.

Pleasingly bonkers.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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