Purplebricks has another bash at DIY house selling

Purplebricks is one of those companies that should have revolutionised its market – moving home – but somehow hasn’t.

In fact it’s made quite a lot of people recognise that conventional estate agents actually do something to almost justify their escalating fees in a (still) rampantly inflated UK property market. It’s quite hard to sell houses yourself.

Brothers and Sisters is in charge of yet another relaunch for the online-only fixed fee agency and takes the bull by the horns to cut through the supposed BS of conventional house buying and selling.

Purplebricks CMO Phil Lloyd says: “When it comes to selling your home the industry really has expected people to put up with too much bull for too long. This campaign dramatises with a smile that we are serious about shooing that bull out of peoples selling experience once and for all and giving them a more rewarding and much better value experience. PB is back.”


MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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