Walkers and PETA offer contrasting Christmas tales

Most of the UK’s Christmas biggies have come and (sometimes) gone – even though it isn’t December yet – but here are two (relative) oddments.

First an in-house effort for Walkers, which seems not to have engaged agency VCCP for some reason.

Then PETA with a diverting seasonal tale, roughly speaking exploring why turkeys are unlikely to vote for Christmas.

By House 337 with animation from Jelly’s Neil Stubbings and V/O by Jane Horrocks, who’s served her time in ads, most notably for Tesco.

Walkers’ effort could have come from any era in advertising although it’s a surprise to see something so, well, mundane coming from a big advertiser. Must be what some clients still think Christmas advertising should be.

PETA, in promoting a vegan Christmas, may be pushing at an increasingly open door. Another factor for the turkeys is that the damn things now cost a fortune, if you buy them from somewhere posh anyway.

MAA creative scales:

Walkers: 3.

PETA: 6.5.

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