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Opera GX gives rival gamer browsers a battering

Here’s a real oddity from gamer browser Opera GX and Waste Creative featuring actor/comedian Eric Andre, driven to distraction it seems by clumpy browsers.

So Eric takes the law into his own hands (with hammer.)

Opera GX’s Auryn Hiscock says: “Pre-installed browsers are the worst. They’re clunky, un-customizable resource hogs that come already loaded on everyone’s desktops and devices. Basically, the antithesis of Opera GX. Hopefully this campaign, by the talented folks over at Waste, reminds you of that, and inspires you to question whether the browser you’re using is actually good or just some BS your system tray inherited. Our money is on the latter.”

Not being a gamer it’s hard to register the depth of feelings such browsers prompt – but Andre certainly make his point.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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