The robot ii’s have it for Interactive Investor debut with House 337

Investing is a serious business (although most people leave their money somewhere and then forget about it.) House 337, which seems to be populating the airwaves these days, makes its debut for Interactive Investor with a couple of accident-prone robots – the ii’s. The work of Star Wars character designer Luke Fisher.

Head of brand Gemma Buckwell says: “Part ambassador, part cheerleader, part guru, our robots embody the spirit of interactive investor in everything they do. In a market dominated by more established brands, it was important to create something distinctive and memorable, using our very own asset – the ii logo.

“Like any good investment, we’re in this for the long term, and are excited to see where our robots take us as our brand, quite literally, gets on a roll.”

Interactive Investor says it’s the UK’s biggest flat-fee investment platform with £59 billion of assets and 400,000 customers. So presumably it knows what it’s doing (sometimes a danger in finance land of course – back in the day Lloyds bought Halifax.)

Quite winning.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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