Warburtons signs Samuel L Jackson

New campaign reunites Engine creative team

A Warburtons ad with a Hollywood star has become rather like an old friend – but this time it’s with a new agency Joyful & Triumphant. Which is, though, the old gang, headed by Billy Faithfull, reunited. CCO Faithfull left Engine when it was bought by Next 15 and reinvented as House 337.

Faithfull and co. clearly know that you never get fired for depicting the chairman as a star by a star and here we have chairman Jonathan, once again, taking some gentle ribbing.

Maybe goes on a bit too long but Jackson is clearly enjoying himself so who’s going to interfere? Accomplished direction by Declan Lowney for Merman.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

Joyful & Triumphant could go places (if they choose to.)

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