New study shows black people better represented in ads

All those black and ethnic people we see in ads these days seems to have had an effect: a new study from the Black British Voices Research team shows that 77% of black British people believe that advertising campaigns portray black culture better than they did ten years ago.

The study was a collaboration between the University of Cambridge, The Voice Newspaper and I-Cubed Consultancy, with marketing support from M&C Saatchi London.

More than half of respondents (55%) stated that portrayals of Black culture in advertising (including TV ad campaigns) were ‘somewhat better’ than they were ten years ago, while 22% said they were ‘much better’. 13% said portrayals were ‘about the same’, while 6% said they were ‘somewhat worse’ and 2% said they were ‘much worse’.

It’s not all good news though. The research shows that 98% of Black British people have had to compromise who they are or how they express themselves to fit in in the workplace, including adapting hairstyles, while 90% of young people expect to experience racial prejudice as adults – although this can hardly be blamed on advertising.

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