MAA Ad of the Week: Guardian’s ‘Not for Sale’ from Lucky Generals

Newspapers, yes they still exist, often bring the best out of agencies – the New York Times by Droga5 currently sets the bar.

The Guardian has a long history of outstanding advertising (it doesn’t do much very often, mind) going all the way back to Paul Weiland’s ‘Points of View’ with BBH’s ‘Three Little Pigs’ along the way.

The Guardian ploughs its own furrow, relying on donations and ads, and although it still has its problems – currently staff divisions over dreaded trans issues are causing ructions with some journalists, in effect, being ‘cancelled’ – it’s still a distinctive and worthwhile voice.

Timed for the launch of a European website and app.

Timely in the week that Rupert Murdoch (who’s everything the Guardian isn’t) announced he’s stepping down from Fox and News Corp in favour of eldest son Lachlan. Although he doesn’t seem to going away entirely – does he ever?

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