Have a break, have a Time Out: Cadbury brand runs first campaign in 30 years

VCCP’s first campaign for Time Out (and the brand’s first in 30 years) amplifies the stresses of everyday life and suggests the chocolate wafer bar as an antidote.

Different ads will reflect the irritations of the immediate environment, using phrases like “blahblahblah”, “crammed sweaty” and “bumper to bumper.”

Programmatic OOH will be triggered by a range of everyday frustrations like heavy traffic, high temperatures and train delays, while on social, the creative has been adapted to target busy interest groups who could do with calling Time Out.

Diana Mamulian,?brand manager Cadbury Biscuits at Mondelez International, said:?““For such an iconic and well-loved Cadbury product, TimeOut needed a big and bold campaign to match. Built around the concept of providing that all important respite from the stresses of everyday life our striking OOH encourages the nation to take that all important Time Out when needed.”

The message is reminiscent of Kit Kat’s long running “Have a break” campaign, but that seems almost inevitable given the name of the product. The mood and execution of VCCP’s work are different enough to avoid too many comparisons, and it’s good to see such a well-known brand go back to advertising.

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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