Audi drives into cliché-ridden future

Time was when Audi and BBH made great ads, establishing the marque as a credible VW-owned competitor to BMW and Mercedes.

Nowadays someone seems to have put “find me a cliché” into chatGPT.

“Life,” you will learn, “is a work in progress” according to singer Jorja Smith as she cruises some eerily deserted London streets.

Audi UK head of marketing Tony Moore says: “Whether you’re designing for the future of electric mobility, or creating beautiful, artistically fulfilling music, it’s the restless, progressive mindset that leads to innovation. We see this on our cars – and in Jorja’s phenomenal talent and output. We’re absolutely thrilled to have Jorja on board to tell our latest story of progress for our UK audience.”

Even Jorja looks bored.

An interesting piece by Stephen Armstrong in the Sunday Times recently averred that the reasons so many broadcast programmes are crap these days is because what they are really doing is chasing social media mentions rather than entertaining audiences.

Seems to be the case with ads too.

Nicely shot.

MAA creative scale: 2.

One Comment

  1. That Audi ad is a perfect example of what has happened to the ad biz. Like the turtle universe, it piles cliche on cliche accompanied by Jorja’s robotic delivery. Why doesn’t Audi drag some of their once great ads out of the closet and say… Fuck it… Why can’t we do stuff like this anymore???

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