VCCP turns the tables on Father’s Day in new Cadbury work

Sitting in a car park at the end of his first day in a new job, an uncertain father takes a call. It’s his son, talking over the experience and providing some much-needed reassurance and love.

It’s novel to see a vulnerable father in an ad, especially for Father’s Day when dads are usually represented as family heroes.

Jonathan McCarthy, head of global brand, Cadbury & Toblerone said: “The Glass and a Half in everyone campaign is a big brand idea that serves as a platform for powerful stories and ‘Speakerphone’ is a more than worthy addition to the series, bringing a fresh perspective with different relationship dynamics and narrative structure whilst staying true to the core elements that makes the campaign so successful.”

Chris Birch & Jonny Parker, ECDs at VCCP London said: “We have a lot of love for Speakerphone, the fifth film in the series. It’s probably the simplest, and yet the most ambitious, given the feeling we’re after using just one (rather brilliant) actor and a phone.”

If ever an ad made you feel warm about a product, it’s this one.

MAA creative scale: 8

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  1. the Australian version of this same advertisement has this man failing to achieve anything because his workplace is racist he gets the chocolate from his son after making no achievements

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