Tomas Gianelli of Dude London: my Top Tips for Cannes

Top Tips for Cannes

More than trying to predict who will win this year, I would like to share with you who I would love to win, even if they don’t (I’ve never been a good Cannes predictor). So, here’s a selection of stuff I’ve seen this year that have amused, surprised, inspired or touched a string on me.

Monde Nissin/Voiz/The Eyes/Ogilvy Thailand

This is one of those pieces of work that you ask yourself “how did they get there?” and no matter how hard you try, you can’t find the answer. I love those ads. This film is weird. Something we don’t see that often on TV, or any other media, and that’s something I would definitely love to see more, inside and out of Cannes.

Liquid death/Water Tattoo

All the pain of a tattoo but without the permanence of it. This piece might not win because I don’t think they even send work to Cannes, but if they do, they totally deserve an award.

Liquid Death has been redefining the water category since it started, but still, every new piece still surprises me.

Burger King/Burger burger burger burger/We believers

Burger King might win another pile of awards at Cannes this year, but secretly I would love them to stop winning so many awards and leave space for other brands. But they’ve done it again, and what can I say? It’s so simple, beautiful and smart. After seeing this campaign I got the feeling that I’ll have to wait another year to not see them winning.

Apple/Action Mode/Apple Cupertino

This one might not be the biggest Apple commercial ever, but it’s so insightful, fun and well connected to the product, that it has become my favourite by far.

Tinder/It starts with a swipe/Mischief

Why would I love this campaign to win at Cannes? Because I’ve seen it everywhere: on the tube, walking to work, next to my house, even at the gym! And it has made my commute (and deadlifts) a bit more enjoyable. I vote for more ideas we see on the street winning at Cannes. This is beautiful, simple, and true. I swipe right for this one.)

Tomas Gianelli is creative director at Dude:London.

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