McDonald’s and Burger King in AI face-off: but who is the real winner?

In Brazil, McDonald’s new OOH campaign asked ChatGPT “What is the most iconic burger in the world?” The answer, of course, was McDonald’s. Burger King responded with an ad that asks the question “Which one is the biggest?” No prizes for guessing it’s the Whopper.

While McDonald’s and Burger King might be pleased with their own answers, both ads make pretty grim reading in the light of a global health and obesity crisis. The Big Mac is proud to be synonymous with fast food, while the Whopper’s best asset is its generous size.

What’s also striking about these ads is the clear answer that AI gives to each question, demonstrating just how deeply the sales pitches for these two fast food brands have permeated every corner of the web. No hint of the humour or creativity that both brands have been so good at over the years.

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