It has to be Heinz: global campaign shows how far people will go for the ‘right’ ketchup

It’s a simple idea. Heinz is the best ketchup and there are plenty of people who will make the extra effort to avoid alternatives.

The ad, by Wieden + Kennedy New York, shows some real life tales of super fans, like people who take ketchup to a sushi restaurant or have a Heinz ketchup tattoo.

It’s a good, uncomplicated ad and will ring true with a lot of people. But Heinz’ claim that ALL their consumers go to irrational lengths for their products, combined with talk of “moving at the speed of culture,” is overblown.

Luckily people who see the ad will just be able to enjoy it and move on without having to digest the hyperbole along with the ketchup. It’s running first in the US, Canada and the UK before rolling out to other markets.

MAA creative scale: 7

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