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Brand Oxfam is damaged, no matter which side of the ‘culture wars’ you are on

Oxfam International has lampooned JK Rowling and labelled her as a TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist) who is aligned with “hate groups.”

The charity has now put up an apology and re-edited the social media clip, made in support of Pride, following an outcry.

In one corner, we have a stream of people say they will cancel their standing orders to the charity, while in the other corner, we have trans activists accusing Oxfam of giving in to hate by redacting the original.

It’s ridiculous that a charity has put itself in this position. Especially one whose reputation was already rock bottom. The CEO had to step down in 2018 after a long-running child sex abuse scandal in Haiti.

First child sex abuse, and now older women abuse. There was also a recent controversy about an inclusive language guide, but there may have been some merit in that.

Oxfam should get back to raising money and doing good. You can’t help but worry for the many staff who work for the charity around the world, including their many high street charity shops. How many of them signed up for a place in the frontline of the culture wars?

For decorum’s sake, here’s the apology and the edited video

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