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MAA Ad of the Week: Liquid Gold’s ‘Your Grandma’s Energy’

Why is agency creativity so moribund? There are exceptions of course, in the UK Uncommon has made major waves on the back of it, Mother ploughs its own unique furrow and Richard Brim at adam&eveDDB regularly reminds us of what the best ads used to be like.

But a kind of group think seems to have descended on advertisers and agencies in the UK and US. Everyone’s so frightened of offending anyone that nothing much happens. Humour, for example, often depends on a victim and we can’t have that.

There was an interesting piece in Campaign the other day by a creative saying that all ads these days seemed to be about “moments.” As if the other 170,000-odd words in the English language didn’t exist. Maybe, like IBM in the days of yore, you never get fired for banking on a moment.

Some of the bolder efforts, as rare as hen’s teeth across the piece, come from in-house teams. As here with ‘Your Grandma’s Energy’ from Liquid Gold (it’s about their iced tea.)

Not perfect, arguably goes on too long but it’s fun and it’ll certainly be noticed.

(Memo to all those “strategists” – these things help.)

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