Highdive’s foray into ‘premature electrification’ sparks Stellantis Super Bowl ads

Was it a vintage year for Super Bowl ads? Someone will tell us shortly no doubt but Stellantis-owned Ram Trucks has gone somewhat off piste with this effort discussing ‘Premature electrification,’ the misfortune that afflicts you when your electric truck can’t make it to the desired destination. With comedian Jason Jones, from Chicago’s Highdive.

You can’t actually buy one of these yet so it’s a quite brave piece of branding. Stellantis (which now includes long-time Super Bowl stalwart Chrysler) can sell you a Jeep though (in a particularly nasty colour) and here’s another effort from Highdive with a remix of ‘Electric Boogie’ by Shaggy.

MAA creative scale: Ram 7, Jeep 6.5.

Good year for Highdive anyway.

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