Ben Stiller and Steve Martin tangled up in Pepsi Super Bowl acting debate

Pepsi has been telling us for decades that it tastes better than Coke and, in so doing, spending billions on ads. Somehow, though Coke, seems to stay on top (possibly despite its ads.) Very frustrating for Pepsico, which is actually a bigger company these days with its various food brands.

So it’s doing this year’s Super Bowl big time, signing up Ben Stiller and Steve Martin to muse on whether or not actors (who are all over the damn thing) are actually telling the truth when they plug a brand (‘course they’re not.)

Did the four minute wrap actually appear on the show? Would have cost even more billions. Thankfully there were two shorter ads which did.

Pepsi CMO Todd Kaplan says: “There’s this skepticism that consumers have of advertisers that’s really underpinned by this cultural truth that advertising relies on actors. The art of acting is someone is getting paid to make you believe something else. This truth is really alive and well in its biggest form in the Super Bowl when every actor comes out of the woodwork.”

Pepsi is giving away lots of Zero Sugar and also paid a fortune for the first related Super Bowl Tweet.

Can you work out the logic? Me neither.

MAA creative scale: 3.

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