Hyundai, Motorpoint and AutoTrader rev up for the New Year car wars

Innocean is the (more or less) in-house agency for Hyundai, which seems to be selling bucket loads of cars (maybe a smaller bucket in these straightened times) and it’s back with a nice spin: you don’t actually pronounce Hyundai as it sounds.

Doesn’t stablemate Kia have something called a C’eed? Trés confusing. Anyway Innocean UK tackles the issue with a perky number.

Nice to see a car ad without tedious shots of strangely deserted roads set to pompous music.

MAA creative scale: 7.

New Commercial Arts is debuting for Motorpoint, quite a veteran of the increasingly crowded used car market. Motorpoint cars get special treatment it seems, even at the car wash.

Makes the point. Needs a bit of anarchy maybe – car washes can backfire.

MAA creative scale: 6.

AutoTrader’s an interesting one, the one-time classified freesheet rescued the Guardian at one point when the newspaper’s off-the-wall purchase of it put some much-needed cash in the Guardian’s pocket.

Like Motorpoint it’s joining the ad battle, currently dominated by newbies like Motorway with this from Recipe. It’s Britain’s “biggest matchmaker” it seems, providing families with their ideal partner.

Seems a bit old-fashioned somehow – cars now seem to be more about cash than families.

MAA creative scale: 4.

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