Adam&eveDDB brings Lucozade Sport to New Year life

Dry January, Veganuary – do these possibly ineffective solutions to holiday excess still obtain? With a cost of living crisis and, for many in the UK, no trains, overdoing things in December may be a distant memory.

Lucozade Sport though thinks it’s time to get moving (as it would) so here’a another nifty offering from adam&eveDDB proposing that anyone can benefit from the reviving qualities of Lucozade Sport (assuming there are any), even a statue.

Lucozade Sport head of marketing Tom Bell says: “Many people will be setting themselves new fitness targets for 2023. Whether that’s just starting out on their journey or pushing themselves to the next level, we wanted to create an uplifting advert that helps energise people to unlock their potential.”

MAA creative scale: 8.

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