Katy Perry helms big Lego Christmas effort

Lego is launching its biggest Christmas campaign to date, devised in-house with the help of Traktor and The Mill and featuring Katy Perry, who seems to appear a lot in ads.

But Katy is a lifelong Lego fan and collector it seems. Perry says: “As a LEGO fan who has built a lot of models with kids in the last few years, it was super heart-warming to see what happens when kids are in put in charge of holiday gift-giving. Play comes in so many forms with no set of rules, and to see them apply that makes me hopeful for a really bright future for the generation.”

Lego’s research says that 84% of children wish they could play more with their parents so Perry stands in for the latter as the kinds take centre stage.

Katy’s a trouper and this is harmless enough, with a refreshing lack of ‘purpose’ although there are such initiatives as part of the campaign.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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