Above+Beyond joins indie global group by The Network

Independent London creative agency Above+Beyond has joined global creative network by The Network. By The Network was founded by former Grey CCO Per Pederson. It has recently added new mebers in Turkey, Chile, Romania, Bulgaria, Israel, Bangladesh and Ecuador. Above+Beyond’s clients include Amazon, Mulberry, Subway, Depop, Movado and Alzheimer’s Research UK.

A+B CEO Matt Steward (left) says: ‘Joining by The Network not only allows us to assume global scale and access diverse talent, but also be part of something that shares our creative soul. We believe in the power of creativity to create competitive advantage for brands.”

A+B CCO Dom Goldman says: ‘As we join the by The Network family, we have the opportunity to take our creativity to a global audience. An opportunity to draw on digital, data and tech talent to light a fire under modern ideas. And join a community that is doubling down on the power of creativity. We go above+beyond to chase the extraordinary. It’s in our people, it’s in our work and it’s in our name. This feels like a beautiful meeting of minds’

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