Beagle Street changes tack with Above+Beyond’s new duo

Life insurer Beagle Street has been one of those advertisers battering us with DRTV spots on daytime TV, featuring an improbably happy couple gleefully applying for life insurance (unlikely.)

Quite often it’s hard to find a programme amid all the ads. BT is up to it now with endless ads for its “winter sale,” with James Nesbitt instructing us endlessly to “Be There.” There are also more funeral packages than you can shake a stick at, which at least provide work for ageing actors you vaguely remember from something or other.

But Beagle Street’s gone to new agency Above+Beyond, trying to build a brand campaign out of its strange name with one slightly threatening Lenny Street and his, um yes, beagle.

Beagle Street head of marketing Nicola Stubbs says: “We wanted to create something different with this campaign which stands out from traditional life insurance advertising. Life insurance is such an important product and as a brand we feel passionately that more families should be protected. We hope this campaign begins to wake people up to the importance of life insurance and gets it higher on their list of priorities.”

A brave change of direction and nicely done.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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