Gallegos United’s ‘Get Real’ for milk rises to GS&P challenge

When Goodby Silverstein (GS&P) sets the bar as it did 30 years ago with ‘Got Milk’ for The California Milk Processor Board it’s the hardest of challenges to try to match it.

But Gallegos United gives it its best shot with ‘Get Real,’ a noble effort to remind us all that cow’s milk is OK when it seems everyone orders oat milk and other increasingly exotic derivatives. So we have numerous examples of the phoney faddishness of modern life, set to a perky tune.

There’s even a commercial within a commercial (usually a recipe for disaster) with Father of the Bride Star Diego Boneta.

Ads ain’t what they used to be is a common and, usually, justified lament.

Gallegos United shows that some agencies can still hack it.

MAA creative scale: 8.5.

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