Tango says it’s ‘fearless’ and goes for purpose over impact

Even Tango – whose TV ads were once infamous for encouraging kids to slap each other in the playground – has now adopted a “purpose” and taken to social media to spread the word.

VCCP’s latest campaign for the brand, in partnership with The Prince’s Trust, encourages young people to be “fearless” with a new scheme to help boost confidence and unlock potential.

The new campaign is part of a three-year partnership with The Prince’s Trust, a charity set up by the now King Charles III which has indisputably had a great deal of success in improving the life chances of underprivileged young people.

Ieuan Evans, Tango brand manager at Britvic, said: “We’re incredibly proud to launch our partnership with The Prince’s Trust. With young people being among the hardest hit coming out of the pandemic, it’s so important we work together to support and inspire them to build their confidence and discover fulfilling career opportunities.”

George Wait, associate creative director at VCCP London, said: “The Prince’s Trust gave rare permission to communicate with Tango’s uniquely lighthearted, cheeky tone. We’ve loved the challenge of combining these two worlds, all in the name of helping young people in need around the UK.”

It’s a worthy cause, but for those who remember Tango ads as a tabloid sensation, it’s got to be a come down.

MAA creative scale: 5

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