Wonderhood Studios goes fishing for 5G with Three UK

Three UK’s 5G coverage is still, like all the networks, pretty limited. So this new TV ad from Wonderhood Studios fudges the issue by focusing on a more general sense of connectivity, while reminding us that 5G is out there somewhere.

The work continues Three UK’s “Life Needs a Big Network” idea, which launched a year ago, and is accompanied by an OOH campaign on a similar theme, wavering between a 99% coverage message and a claim to be the the UK’s fastest 5G network.

Elaine Carey, chief commercial officer at Three UK, said: “Network performance is the most important thing for our customers and our new campaign shows how super-fast 5G can enrich customers’ lives when they need it most.”

Jack Croft, creative director at Wonderhood Studios, said: “When we were asked to show the real everyday uses of our devices and how they could benefit from Superfast 5G, we didn’t have to look much further than our own downfalls.”

You don’t need 5G to look up items on a menu – 4G is plenty if you haven’t got on the restaurant wi-fi. So it’s a bit of a fudge, but the extra dimension of transporting the flustered diner to Sweden to help decipher the menu looks like a cautious nod to the futuristic possibilities of 5G.

MAA creative scale: 6


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