Three goes big with Wonderhood – but is big big enough?

Mobile network Three has clearly had a coverage problem (can’t be worse than EE surely?) so new agency Wonderhood Studios is pushing the ‘Big Network’ line to persuade us that’s no longer the case.

One issue Three might address is the name: it’s Three but 3 in a lot of communications.

Makes the point of course although it takes a while to get there. Quite a contrast to the work of former longstanding agency Wieden+Kennedy.

But is this a case “love the ad, what’s the product?” Don’t think so actually and it’s a shame that the work that defined W+K London seems to have gone (temporarily we hope) out of client fashion.

Wonderhood has actually done pretty well to survive the pandemic, it missed out at the last gasp in some big pitches before it struck. It also works in features and TV but production of any kind hasn’t actually been booming.

Maybe we’ll see better from Three. Mind you, you could say that about the category as a whole.

MAA creative scale: 4.

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