Renault and Publicis kick off Rugby World Cup ad wars

The Rugby World Cup hoves into view next year (union version – that’s the 15-a-side one although the way refs are dishing out yellow and red cards these days…) Among other things, that should give agencies the chance to make some proper, sweaty films.

It’s in France (France are one of the favourites) and Renault is supporting the French team, as you’d expect. And, as ever in France, they just love dressing up in medieval costumes and the like and causing all sorts of mayhem. From Publicis Conseil.

Like anything to do with sport it’s all a bit of gamble. What will England do? It’s the biggest union but, at the moment, Eddie Jones’ boys are playing like a bunch of wusses, failing to beat 14 Australians at the weekend. Who will back them with hard-earned airtime?

Back in 2015, when the competition was in England, captain Chris Robshaw and the lads were bigged up as giants by sponsor O2. Whoops, they lost to Wales and Australia in the group stage and went out.

Renault’s effort? not bad, humour’s quite a useful screen if the worst happens.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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