Desperados swaps unusual for the norm

You can say so little about booze these days that all you mostly get is a group of bright young things jigging around with the seemingly incidental presence of a bottle of booze.

As, indeed, you do here from Heineken’s Desperados, lager with a tequila “twist.”

There is, at least, an idea though from agency We Are Pi, “Pour Some Unusual on Your Usual.” To demonstrate, a neighbour turns up at a noisy house party and asks them to turn the music up.

Global marketing manager Rutger van der Stegen says: “Our aim has always been to create campaigns that ignite unexpected experiences and celebrate those who try new things. Pour Some Unusual on Your Usual does exactly that, with a TVC that is truly an anthem for our brand, embodying Desperados playful character and inspiring viewers to get creative and go for it in life.”

Bit of an ask but it hangs together.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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